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All About Drum Sticks

Playing a drum is an old tradition and cultural heritage of human civilization. For various ritualistic, cultural and entertainment purposes the tradition of playing drums have entered into the body of history of human civilization. Drum sticks are popular instruments with which you can play drums. With the help of these sticks a drummer strikes the drum heads to produce various sounds. Here is some basic information that will give you an idea on all about drum sticks. There are various types of drum sticks like beaters, mallets and brushes, percussion sticks, orchestral, marching, traditional Japanese, alternate materials etc. They are made of different parts like TipShoulderShaftButtTip is the portion with which a drummer strikes the drum head. There are various types of drum sticks tips. According to the shape, it can be barrel, acorn, round, oval etc. Generally, tips are made with the same material as the rest of the sticks. But the modern drum stick manufacturers are experimenting with various coats and ...


The Basic Guideline for Drum Heads Maintenance

Drum heads are also popularly known as the drum skins. The most important preservation of any drum kit is proper maintenance of this part. As a drummer, whether you are a professional or just a beginner, you should properly maintain the drum skins to extort a great sound out of the drum kit. Thus, to heave out a grand sound as a drummer you should at regular intervals change the drum skins of the drum kit. This change should be irrespectively carried out whether you play the drum regularly or not. Since this part is the main striking point on a drum set, you as a drummer should keep it in tact and tight to get the best sound out of it. When it is uniformly tight, the tension on the skin is throughout even. As you strike on it, the tightness weakens and as this happens the tension changes. In certain cases the weakening of the heads will lead a form a dent. Sometimes the drum heads may even puncture when the hit is hard. If all this still does not provide you with good reasons to go for a new one at regular in...


Drum Hardware for a Complete Drum Set

A drum set is like a well-built house with foundation and framework. This framework includes drum pedals, stands, toms, lugs, hoops, tension rods, and drum racks. And the foundations are the drum shells. All these together make up the drum hardware of the drum. Just like a house cannot be built without foundation and pillars, the drum is incomplete without the hardware because it acts as the pillar of the drum. Each of the hardware has different role to play. Drum hardware basically refers to various kinds of stands that hold up the drum and the cymbals. Let us start with the most important pieces that play a vital role in building up the drum set as well as drum sound. The pieces of metal that are attached to the side of the drum are the lugs. The main aim of the lugs is to attach the drum hoops or rim, which is fixed with the help of tension rods. Hoops mainly hold the drumhead in place and even help in tuning the drum.Coming to the drum shells, it refers to the material used in the drum. Like, beginner's ...


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