The Basics of Jazz Drums

Music has got its own unique appeal, which can energize your drooping spirits and transport you to a different world altogether. Different musical instruments help to live up the entire musical process all the more effectively. Drums have their own unique appeal.

What sets it apart from other musical instruments, is its capability to jazz up any session and add color to it. It can add the western touch to every music show. Jazz drums form an integral part of the live music sessions.

Jazz music is one such genre of music, which was popularized largely by the famous music composer Louis Armstrong. In fact, jazz music reached new heights under his noble guidance. His legacy still inspires many of the jazz musicians of the present generation.

The drum is usually categorized as a member of the percussion group of instruments. Drum usually is composed of one single membrane known as the drum skin. Drums qualify as the world's oldest musical instrument. One unique feature of a drum is that its basic design has remained unaltered for ages. Nearly all types of drums fall in the category of untuned instruments. However, modern musicians have started the concept of tuning drums. Often several drums are also arranged together to create a reverberating effect.

Drums usually qualify under the following categories
Bass drums
Bongo drums
Jazz drums
Dong Son drum
Ewe Drums
Goblet drum
Hand drum
Log drum
Side drum (Marching snare drum)
Slit drum
Snare drum
Steelpan (steel drum)
Talking drum
Tenor drums

Characteristic features of jazz drums

Jazz drums have got an amazing rhythmic quality and sound structure.

They can help to create amazing compositions.

It can jazz up even the most boring music show.

Some of the luminaries in the field of jazz drumming are as followed
Steve Davis
Alan Dawson
Jamey Aebersold
Joe Morello

It is important to learn the fundamental mechanics of jazz drumming to become a consistent player. Playing jazz drums is easy provided you learn the basics right. With the proliferation of the online media there are several software, which can assist you in getting your basics right. Some of them are as followed
Multi media jazz learning kits.
Jazz sheet music.
Jazz backing tracks.

The products can be easily downloaded from different websites according to individual preferences and needs. Some of the popular jazz backing tracks, which can really be helpful for upcoming jazz drummers, are as followed
Lady is a tramp for drums
Summertime for drums
Misty for drums
Green dolphin street for drums
I get a kick out of you for piano

What set jazz drums apart from other categories is its unique toning quality. It can really transform the entire ambiance of a musical concert. But, the whole credit goes to the efficient Jazz drummers, who have transformed the entire musical landscape globally and infused a lot of life into it.


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