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The Basics of Jazz Drums

Music has got its own unique appeal, which can energize your drooping spirits and transport you to a different world altogether. Different musical instruments help to live up the entire musical process all the more effectively. Drums have their own unique appeal. What sets it apart from other musical instruments, is its capability to jazz up any session and add color to it. It can add the western touch to every music show. Jazz drums form an integral part of the live music sessions.Jazz music is one such genre of music, which was popularized largely by the famous music composer Louis Armstrong. In fact, jazz music reached new heights under his noble guidance. His legacy still inspires many of the jazz musicians of the present generation.The drum is usually categorized as a member of the percussion group of instruments. Drum usually is composed of one single membrane known as the drum skin. Drums qualify as the world's oldest musical instrument. One unique feature of a drum is that its basic design has remaine...


Tenor Drums In Marching Bands

The tenor drum is one of the many drums used by American marching bands. Although now most commonly found in parades and on football fields during halftime shows, this instrument has been used since the mid-19th century by a variety of composers. It is a lower-pitched variant of the snare drum, another marching band staple. On the field, the tenor drum is easily recognized, as it is carried in mounted sets of three to six drums. This setup allows the musician to pay multiple drums simultaneously, adding to the richness of the percussion.Tenor drums are played with a wide variety of implements, all of them a form of mallet or drumstick. The heads of these beaters may be made of a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, nylon, felt, rubber or fleece. The drumheads of tenor drums are usually as taut as possible, creating a relatively high-pitched sound that is very effective in outdoor situations.As mentioned, tenor drums are carried and played in sets. The name of a set usually refers to the number of dr...


Music Gear Ideal For Different Stage Performances

While having a live concert a musician needs a variety of stage music gear for his performance. And along with that he also needs various accessories which come with these instruments. The most commonly used music gear in a stage show are guitars, drum set, synthesizers, and other assorted instruments. Stage music gear hold a great importance while performing on stage. While using a guitar on the stage, good quality amplifiers, microphones, feedback buster, strings, thumb pick, guitar tuner and many other accessories are required. Drums also require different gear for their best performance. The whole drum set consists of various types of cymbals and drums. A brief description of guitar gear used on stageAmplifiers - Traditional guitar amplifiers, with a clean, warm sound, a sharp treble roll-off at 5 kHz or less and bass roll off at 60-100 Hz, and often built-in reverb and tremolo units. There are hard rock-style guitar amplifiers, such as pre-amplification, controls, tone filters, and distortion effects th...


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